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Great day! Yesterday, we introduced a fun service that every
local business needs, and a service you definitely want to provide as a consultant for existing and future clients. We covered the most common mistakes people make when running social giveaways.

If you missed the email, then make sure you catch PART 1 HERE.

Let’s dive in!

Today we’re going to cover two core areas:

1-How to do social giveaways the right way.

2-Best businesses to provide this service to and what to charge.


1-FOCUS ON THE GOAL: Businesses get excited when they see all the likes/shares/comments on a giveaway post, but then that excitement often turns to disappointment because they can’t justify the ROI on new business gained. It’s kinda’ like a firm grip on an empty sack. Why does this happen? The core reason is the giveaway was started without a goal. You must establish a core goal: drive new leads? New customers? More engagement? The goal drives the contest.

2-CONGRUENT PRIZE: If the business is a hair salon, then they shouldn't offer free pizza as the prize. The prize MUST be congruent with their brand, because the ultimate goal is to attract the type of person that will become a customer.

3-SCHEDULED: Giveaways for local should be an integral part of the business. Done right, you can do at least 2 per month, and it gives their audience a fun expectation. We find local giveaways should not go longer than 1 week. Why? Keeps it fun, relevant, and allows the business to run multiple giveaways in a month... Wash & repeat.

Now, just doing these three tips is enough to run an effective giveaway that will dramatically BOOST the businesses engagement. However, it’s not enough to drive in new customers. You need to do two key things:

4-CAPTURE INFORMATION: You MUST capture customer info such as name, email, phone when doing a giveaway, and you must capture this data in a easy manner.. Don’t make them jump through hoops. Ideally you want to make them sign up for the giveaway inside of Facebook messenger, and NOT drive them outside of facebook to an external form. (*important)

5-MONETIZE: The money is made with the 99% of people that did NOT win the giveaway, not the person that wins the prize. You must now market the businesses services to the 99% of the contestants with a coupon offer/deal. This part is extremely important! Not just a deal, but a timed deal that expires within a short window.

Adding the two elements above is the amplifier that will set your giveaway on fire! Clients will love you for it too!


Let’s take a massage therapist for example...

-Avg massage: $85/hr

-Prize for giveaway: ‘Free massage!’

-Leads generated in contest within 7 days: 250  (*very conservative number)

Now once the winner is announced, the business can follow up with these leads to provide them a consolation prize just for playing (*works wonders).

Let’s say only 10% of these leads take the business up on a 40% discounted massage. $85 becomes $51/hr massage.

-They get 25 customers from the contest driving total revenue of: $1275  ($51 massage x 25 customers)

But that’s not all. Here’s what really happened

1-They created a ton of buzz for their brand.
2-They boosted their page engagement and reached more people than they every could.
3-They built a list which is an asset that allows them to market to FOREVER! (powerful).
4-They generated $1275 in immediate upfront revenue.

…. and they can do this without saturation easily 2x per month. Their list continues to grow, they continue to get new customers, and their businesses continues to increase.

Silly good right!?

This is why you can easily charge businesses $400-$500/m to run this simple and fun service.


Marketing to the non-winners is where the true revenue will be made, but most businesses mess this part of because it’s too labor intensive.. You know, manually calling, emailing, etc.

Ok, i’m sure you have questions such as

> How do you generate the leads?

> How is the giveaway structured. Any examples?

> How to you market to the non-winners and what do you say?

What I just went over is a manual way you can do a giveaway. It works, but it is more labor intensive. However, I do have a secret to share.

Every point I mentioned above is typically done manually, but I've found a way to automate the entire process, so you simply just turn the machine ‘on’ and let business come in!

In fact, i’ll share the exact ‘Automated Viral giveaway framework’ tomorrow + the stats we’ve been able to achieve with clients. This automated viral giveaway framework will simplify the entire process, and make it silly easy to deliver this fun service. You’re gonna’ love it!

Stay tuned for Part 3 because this will be the ‘secret sauce’!

Talk soon,


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